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Hiring an Internet Research Specialist

Could DOUBLE Your Income!

If you're a writer, then you know the value of your time. And...you've just struck gold because you're about to find out how hiring an Internet Research Specialist can give you more of it.

You know that intensive research gives you the edge when producing copy. And you know that the right images in your promo can make that all-important emotional connection with the reader and an enormous difference in response rates. Unfortunately, you're probably also all too familiar with just how long doing all that research takes."An ad writer, to have a chance of success, must gain full information on his subject. A painstaking advertising man will often read for weeks on some problem which comes up. Perhaps in many volumes he will find new facts to use. But some one fact may be the keystone of success." - Claude C. Hopkins

The World Wide Web has exceeded 1 trillion unique web pages and millions more are created every day. Searching through that vast amount of data for the information you need is tedious and time-consuming.
And all you really want to do is write...right?

I understand that as a writer, your biggest value and greatest pleasure is in the time you spend writing. And, as an Internet Research Specialist, I can instantly give you more time to do just that.

Leveraging my web researching skills to efficiently provide you with the focused information you need, gives you more time to work on your highest-value projects yielding greater returns or, if you so choose, more free time to enjoy. Or better still...both!

So, would you like to learn how you can write more and research less? Would you like to see how easily you can maximize your income by optimizing your time? Time is your greatest asset and I offer five services that will immediately give you more of it. Follow me to my Services page and I'll show you exactly what they are and how you can use them to your advantage…

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